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what is the Cox* Technique?

The Cox* Technique is a gentle, non-surgical, chiropractic spinal manipulation adjustment procedure. 95% of back pain and neck pain patients do not require surgery.

It is a safe alternative to back surgery. It is also appropriate for failed back surgery patients who still suffer after surgery.

It stops pain, realigns the spine and restores ranges of motion inherent to the spine while reducing low back pain, especially in radiculopathy (extremity pain, ie. leg pain or arm pain) patients, better than active exercise therapy.

The Cox* Technique is a marriage of osteopathic and chiropractic manipulation principles. Today, nearly 60% of chiropractic physicians report using it in their practices. These certified Cox* Decompression chiropractic physicians at Dr. Stana Djurdjevic & Associates are here to help you.

Modern Research States the Cox* Technique:
    1. Reduces intradiscal pressures to -192 mmHg (on nerve roots to relieve pain)
    2. Increases intradiscal height
    3. Increases foraminal size up to 28% (more room for nerve roots and spinal cord)

Cox* Decompression is DOCTOR-APPLIED, DOCTOR-CONTROLLED, HANDS-ON, SPECIFIC CONTACT, PATIENT-FOCUSED care. To attain the movements, the table goes "up and down" (flexion and extension), goes "side to side" (lateral flexion), or moves in a circular motion (circumduction). All movements are SLOW. The doctor will hold a spinous process (the back part of the vertebra that feels like a "bump" on your spine) while the decompression is applied to the patient's neck or back. Tolerance testing is performed to be sure it causes no pain to the patient.

• Failed Back Surgical Syndromes
• Ruptured Disc
• Bulging Disc
• Herniated Disc
• Sciatica / Leg Pain
• Stenosis
• Arm Pain
• Neck Pain
• Failed course of Steroid Injections
• Chemical Radiculitis
• Spondylolisthesis
• Synovial Cyst
• "Hip Pain" due to sciatic nerve irritation
• Transitional segment
• Lumbar disc herniation
• Cervical disc herniation
• Thoracic disc herniation
• Degenerative disc disease
• Facet syndrome
• Pelvic pain
• Headache
• Compression defects
• Loss of spine lordosis
• Loss of range of spinal motion
• Whiplash-type injuries

Goals of Treatment


For patients with a "slipped/bulging/ruptured/herniated" disc:

1. increases the intervertebral disc height making more room
    and improving circulation
2. allows the nucleus pulposus (the center of the disc) to assume
    its central position and relieves irritation of the spinal nerve
3. restores vertebral joints to their normal physiologic motion
4. improves posture and locomotion while relieving pain
    and improving body functions.


For patients with other conditions causing back pain (facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, sprain/strain, scoliosis, transitional vertebra, sacroiliac subluxation, stenosis), Cox* Decompression provides all of the above benefits plus the ability to place the spinal joints into normal, painless movements so as to restore spinal motion without pain.

Call us at Dr. Stana Djurdjevic & Associates at 905-890-7175 for more info.

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